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5.4.5 Food and Disease

Well, at least that is what is supposed to happen. The real life scenario is more often like this: I quickly half chew a mouthful of devitalized fast food as I wash it down with a soft drink. My sense of taste is confused by the sweet acid taste of the soft drink (which gives two contrary instructions to the stomach) and the burrito I’m eating doesn’t have much texture anyway, so I just kind of push it on down.

On reaching the confused stomach, the mixture of cheese and bean burrito, soft drink, and stomach fluids are mixed together. F I have a minute I won’t run out immediately, but today I’m busy, so the stomach will have to do its job with half power because I’ve got to run. It doesn’t matter much to me that it takes from three to four hours for the stomach to clear the three burritos and two colas I ate and drank. This disturbs kapha.

About an hour later I’m feeling less heavy in the stomach and start eating chips. Meanwhile, the small intestines don’t quite know what to do with these whole kidney beans that slipped through, and even through the liver and pancreas are pumping in the bile, it is not having much effect. My intestine is trying to do a contraction number like the stomach, only it’s not as efficient, so it just kind of squeezes things on down the line without waiting for the nutrients to be extracted; after all the chips are already starting to work their way in, too. This disturbs pitta.

Several hours later the colon starts receiving a mass of half-digested kidney beans, which are now starting to ferment rapidly, making a delightful-smelling gas. As the undigested food is now beginning to rot in the colon I am busy eating shrimp curry, rice, and a few beers. Twelve to thirty-six hours later, depending on whether I am a vegetarian and what ‘ve eaten. I will pass out my fast-food lunch. The amount of undigested food will slowly accumulate on the walls of the intestines - large and small - until my body loses the ability to assimilate the nutrients or vitamins. This disrupts vata.

As the undigested food mass accumulates, it starts to pass through the intestinal walls into the blood stream. The blood streams then carries the toxins (undigested food mass) throughout the body. The immune system then has to work overtime to fight off the toxins as they accumulate in the weaker points of the body. The liver and kidneys also work overtime to filter out the eve-increasing levels of toxins that are escaping from the intestines. When the colon becomes coated with the undigested food, the good bacteria also become overpowered and lose their ability to synthesize the vitamins, thereby adding to the malabsorption of basis nutrients.

After following this scenario, it is easier to understand why Ayurveda says that the toxins resulting from the undigested food mass in the intestines is the underlying cause to most disease. As these toxins accumulate in the colon, vata becomes aggravated. As these toxins, accumulate in the small intestine, pitta becomes aggravated. When the stomach accumulates these toxins, kapha is aggravated. And any of them can move through the blood t aggravate other humors. This movement of toxins through the body aggravates prana or vata.

Therefore, Ayurveda recommends a number of products to increase the digestion of food and to raise the metabolic process in general. With a higher metabolism more heat is created in the body, especially in the digestion process, and toxins can be burned up naturally before the start migration throughout the body with the help of vata. This metabolic heat or process is called agni in Ayurveda. Agni is the action of the metabolic process that actually breaks down and transforms food. It is related to pitta because it is fire in nature, but one can have high pitta and low agni. Agni is our ability to actually digest what we eat, while pitta represents the general metabolic process.

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