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3.6.1 Vata Mentally

VATA - “Wait, I’ll be right with you”, and a few minutes later, “I’m just so busy, where did I put that file? Be right with you. Uh, now what did you want? Oh, just a minute, I just remembered today is the 70th anniversary of the Titanic sinking”. The wind just blew through.

Thought have a tendency to pass quickly through the mind of the V person. Notorious for erratic behaviour, the V person thinks quickly and moves fast from subject to subject. The “air-head” mentioned above is typical of a disorganized V type - always busy, but with little result. This type is forever losing things, misplacing important papers, hiding them in a “safe” place only to forget where the safe place was!

The V type has great ability to formulate ideas, sur-passing the other types for creativity. Artists, theoretical engineers, philosophers, musicians, and al people who need to think in the abstract are usually strong V people. Usually this type is not so good at following through with ideas once they are conceived. The V type is brilliant when handling immediate problems, and comprehension.

When the V person is out of balance, fear, anxiety, agitation, worry, nervousness, and tension predominate in the mind. In the extreme it can be debilitating. Normally these emotions just accumulate until a V-disease is created - all nervous disorders are classic examples. Constant change aggravates these emotions. A stable, loving home life counters the negative sides of these emotions.

Overindulge? That’s my middle name, Mr. Overindulgence himself. V people love to overdo everything; you name it, they overdo it. Whether it is relationships, sex, food binges, drugs (like coffee), alcohol, travel (movement), extreme sports, fast sports, and just about anything that you can get a rush on. Wow! What’s left in life? Right, we are living in a predominantly V culture. We are addicted to experience, all experiences, any experiences, just give me a GREAT experience and I’m happy.

All of our indulgences aggravate the V humor, causing the V-related diseases. Because our society loves to indulge, most of us tend to have some imbalance of V. All of our technology tends to disturb the V principle, such as - held on to your computer boys and girls - movies, videos, and any other sensory input other than Yogi Bear Coffee cups. So, what are we supposed to do? Read comic books all the time? Definitely not!

Vata is imbalanced due to the fact that prana, which directly controls vata, is responsible for the functioning of the five senses. Prana gives all the senses the power to function. Without prana the senses lack the ability to sense anything. This means that an over-stimulation of the senses directly affects the five pranas in the body. As stated in chapter 1, the five pranas control all functions of the body. Therefore, meditation s one of the best preventive measures in today’s culture because it calms vata and thus the five pranas.

Consistency, schedules, emotional stability, meditation and love are the best mental medicines for V. The V person can get away with many physical abuses if he or she keeps the mental constitution balanced. No one said we had to be perfect, but we do need to be intelligent. Ayurveda gives us the knowledge to live intelligently.

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