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14.4 Balancing Kapha

Kapha is directly related to the Vyana Prana. The qualities of kapha are cold, oily, heavy, dense, stable, and smooth. The colors associated with kapha corresponds to the third pulse position (closest to the shoulder) and is found on the front part of the tongue. Kapha is located in the stomach and corresponds to the organs in the upper half of the body. Kapha provides the quality of cohesion to the body and forms the base or foundation for the other two humors. Smooth condition of the skin indicate kapha along with white or pale colors. Pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes decrease kapha, while sweet, sour, and salty tastes increases kapha. Kapha is strong in mind-morning and childhood.
Excessive sleep, lethargy, and a dull mind indicate that the kapha humors is overabundant and need to be lowered. Obesity or excess fat accumulation also shows an excess of kapha , and often a malfunction of pitta . As pitta controls the metabolism and the digestion, an excess of kapha can be “put out the fire” so to speak. Thus, raising pitta is the basis of treating most kapha imbalance. Heating herbs and food van provide the means needed to raise pitta.

Detoxifying plays a very important role in treating kapha people. The malfunctioning, or substandard functioning, of the metabolism allows toxins to accumulate in the tissues of the body. For this to happen the digestive tract and blood must also be involved. Thus the whole body is polluted with an abnormal level of toxic matter. This is the cause of many kapha-type diseases, such as obesity and diabetes. Even just a lack of energy can be the sign of toxic accumulation in the body. Kapha people do not have to overweight, slow, or diabetic to have high or aggravate kapha. Lethargy, excessive sleep, low energy, depression, and a lack of motivation are all signs of high kapha. Information on lowering weight is given in chapter 10 for those interested.

It is usually helpful for kapha people to work with others in groups or classes, as this is more emotionally nourishing, and also allows the group energy to keep the person motivation and active. Quality relationships are very important for kapha people; superficial relationship are depressing and draining for sentimental and romantic kapha types. Outside activities and forms of exercises help to control kapha. Family activities are a good way to get kapha people out their houses and into the fresh air.

Foods should be very light and warm to lower kapha. Building therapies or herbs should only be taken after detoxifying the whole body. Kapha people must not try to starve themselves in order to lose weight or stay thin. This bas many negative repercussions psychologically. It is best for kapha people to use gradual dietary regimes that work slowly but surely. The Triphala Guggulu formula is very valuable for the kapha problems of cholesterol and metabolism.

Kapha people must be patient and persistent in all the life-style plans ans regimens. They will achieve results more slowly, but they will achieve results with patience. And persistence. Generally the first month or two can be spent detoxifying and the following months can be used to balance the metabolism. Throughout this period effort should be taken to increase the digestive ability by using the Trikutu formula or other digestive spices, such as ginger, cumin, fennel, turmeric, peppers, and chilies, when appropriate.

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