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12.4 Sexual Insights for Men

The upsurge in prostate problems and cancer in men has been linked, among other things, to poor diet. Poor dit is processed food, rich fried food, excessive amounts of meat, and a diet overly rich in protein. As a culture, we are obsessed with protein. This is bizarre given the fact that most decathlon participants are vegetarian. Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. World with a low protein vegetarian diet. There is ample medical proof to show that people live longer on low protein vegetarian diets. If you are suffering from, or feel you may be prone to prostate problems, I strongly suggest that you change your diet immediately before undertaking other forms of treatment.
A small change in diet can accompanied by regular exercise. Reduce in your life much as possible. You can also do simple exercise every day that will help. Contract the muscles that life your testicles. Experiment several time; there is slight difference between contracting the muscles around the anus and the ones that lift your testicles. Start by contracting these muscles five time three to four per day. After one week contract them ten time in row, three to four times per day. This simple method exercises the prostate directly. The prostate is a muscular gland that you can build up slowly with exercise. I regularly use this exercise at my desk because I spend hours sitting and writing at the computer . Hours of sitting year after year cause the deterioration of this gland, especially when accompanied by a poor diet.

There are many very good herbs in India for the rejuvenation of the male sexual organs. The most famous for men are ashwagandha, kaunch, shilajit and shatavari. Studies show that ashwagandha and shatavari mixed together increase the erection of the male organ (see shatavari in chapter 8). These herbs are very effective if taken for a period of several months, although it is possible to achieve result within a few days. However, more important than ant herbal supplement is your mental out look and approach to sex.

Orgasm for a man is controlled by the mind. This is a far-reaching statement. It is not simplistic, not is it one-sided; it is factual. When I first heard of this idea, I received it with mixed feelings . In one way I was happy to know that I could control the time of ejaculation with a thought and on the other hand, why should I interfere with my natural urges? In fact, the practical application proved very difficult, and I was often left wondering about the validity of this idea. For over twenty years I have a tried many different methods of control and different ways to create a stronger bound with my partner through sex. The conclusions that I came to are that the mind does control ejaculation, and the methods used control ejaculation activate the mental process, thus preventing a natural loving exchange between partners during intercourse. Mind and love are not synonymous. If one is there the other is not.

The best lovemaking happens in a non thinking circumstance. As state earlier, where the mind goes the prana goes. If you are thinking about control or something else while making love it actually blocks the natural circulation of prana between the partners. Mental control equals pranic control. I intuitively did not like this kind of imposed mental control in this beautiful moment of being with my companion. However, I would often ejaculate very quickly, especially if it had been a long time between lovemaking. Still I felt that the time together was very special, a moment that mind should not be involved, for it is a moment of pure sensuality, of bonding, of feeling, of love. What business did the mind have coming into this moment?

The answer for me, and of course it is personal, lies between a firm decision not ejaculate quickly before I start to make love and a simple physical methods that requires nothing but awareness of when ejaculation is going to happen. Between these two simple methods I am able to enjoy lovemaking as often as my partner and I wish to make love by-and controls-the prana. The prana controls ejacuation. By a clear decision in the mind, the prana are controlled; this means ejacuation is retarded or suspended until one wishes. Mental control is that easy; just a firm decision and enjoy. It help if one puts the emphasis on prolonging pleasure, rather than on some imposition by an idea or concept that, “ have to last longer, ugh!” There is nothing wrong with just wishing to enjoy, and helping your partner to enjoy, the pleasure of bonding for a longer period of time.

The simple methods that I get overly excited and feel that I am about to ejaculate is to withdraw until only the tip of the penis is still in the vagina. I then wait a few moment until I feel the urge to ejaculate subside. One may also withdraw completely and play around in other ways before entering again. One must be aware that withholding ejaculation can be harmful if care is not take to prevent a excessive buildup of sperm/prana. If this happen, in other words if you feel a block or pressure in the penis or prostate, finish the session with ejaculation-especially if any tension is felt in the region of the perineum. If the urge to ejaculate never arises, then everything is fine also. My experience is that the more I make love, the less desire I have to ejaculate.

Ayurveda state that the suppression of the urga to ejaculate cause pain and testicle, depression, cardiac pain, and retention of urine. Warm baths, massage, wine, chicken, milk, enemas, and intercourse are prescribed to correct the problem. Retention of semen can be very beneficial if does correctly, and damaging if done incorrectly, especially for the prostate gland. For a correct methods see Mantak Chia’s book on male sexuality.5 This methods describes pranic exercise to circulate the prana, thus preventing the damaging secondary effects of seminal retention. This methods requires years of practice, and is best leaned from a teacher, as permanent damage can result from the improper application. I do not recommend this kind of methods as I know several man who have damage themselves by using it. Mr. Chia’s methods is good and it does work. However, you should not try it alone. There are too many variables in the human body and a book does not account for your individuality-one methods is not going to fit all people. If this methods attracts you, then learn it from one of this qualified students.

If you having problem because of impotency or premature ejaculation, I suggest the following steps: eliminate stress as much as possible from your life; change your diet; and use combination of the herbs listed for men in this section. Stress is a killer. It disturbs the prana in the mind, which then affects the Apana Prana in the public region, thus inhibiting sexual function. Meditations very helpful to help trlax the mind and enhance the normal function. Physical exercise is critical, as the dietary guides give for the prostate gland. At first a diet that lowers toxins (see chapter 14) is advised for several weeks, followed by a low protein diet accounting to you constitution. This should be accompanied by ashwagandha and shatavari (and warm milk each male) at a dose of 6 grama per day taken with ,meal (2grams with each meal

One should also be the body and lower ojas. Ojas is the most suitable essence of our food, as prana is of liquids. Too many orgasms over a short time deplete the body of both, leaving one open to disease and fatigue. What is excessive? This is open to debate. Ultimately one must decide from personal experience. Ayuveda give these guidelines: vata people have last stamina, so should ejaculate the least; pitta people are average in stamina; and kapha people have great capacity for ejaculation. In my experience this is not really a problem for the average person; sexual exchanges are ever-changing from day to day, season to season, and year to year. Like any season, thing are always in charge. If you fell tired after sex, then use more of the aphrodisiacs suggested

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