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12.3 Sexual Insights for Women

The health of the female reproductive organs determines the health of the woman to a great extent. If this system is imbalance is effects the whole body through the hormonal system. The hormones then affect the emotions and psychology of the women. It is very important for a women to learn what her options are in self-care. It is not normal for women to have painful menstruation and strong PMS symptoms. These problem can be corrected 90 percent of the time with herbs. If you are having, or have history of the kinds of problem, I strongly suggest that you find a woman health practitioner who can guide you in self-care with plants and herbs.
There are several Ayurvedic plants known for their effect on the female system. Two stand out as excellent. Shatavari is considered to be the primary aphrodisiac (remember this means health of the genitals) herb for women the aloe familt is considered to be the prime rejuvenator for women. Shatavari is sanskrit for “possesses a hundred husbands.” The Sanskrit name for aloe is kumari, or “young girl.” Both of these herbs are described in chapter 8, but it is good to know that almost every aphrodisiac formula, for men or women, includes Shatavari. In brief, it is necessary to use Shatavari for a minimum of three cycles and aloe for two before achieving results. Shatavari contains many beneficial plant hormones in very small doses that correct imbalance over a period of time. It is said that most woman can take shatavari for their whole lives, aiding any smaller problems with PMS, childbirth, menopause, and other smaller problem that relate to the female cycle.

It became apparent the moment that I began to write this section that I was not qualified to write anything about female sexuality because I am man. This obviously limits my ability to offer any significant insights to woman interested in sexuality from an Ayurvedic or spiritual point of view. With this in mind, I asked a woman to write her experience of sexuality and any insight that many be of value for other women. The following was written in hopes that experiences may help other women searching for a greater understanding and fulfillment of their own sexuality.

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy sex; not that I was frigid, on the contrary I was very sensual and enjoyed sexual contact. However, once penetration began I caused to feel anything. Psychologists would have considered me as a clitoral type rather than a vaginal type. I suffered a lot from the fact that I never had an orgasm while making love. It was especially hard because at that time I was married and deeply loved my husband with whom I had two beautiful children.

Then one day I started reading a book that I had purchased five years earlier, the year I met my husband. The book was called The function of Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich; this book changed my life. I do not remember precisely what he said this book, but once I had finished reading it was so impressed that I became determined to find same way to be able to live and enjoy that energy released by orgasm. I remember even saying to myself that I didn’t want to die before experiencing what Wilhelm Reich was talking about, it sounded so grandiose.

A few month I met a girl who became mt best friends and she lent me a book on bioenergetics by Lown. I read it and decided that I should start working in bioenergetic as I felt that it was a direct application of Reich’s ideas. That was a beginning a new life for me because I began to participate in therapy group. The first group I did was on bioenergetic, then one in rebirthing, followed by many other kinds of therapy. Through them I was determined to find that treasure called orgasm. I won’t go into details about those processes, but one thing is important to mention about them. Soon after starting those different therapies I became interested in the spiritual path. For this I am ever grateful.

As the work on myself proceeded, my sex life improved, and I began to enjoy making love, although it was still nothing of the sort that I had read about in Reich’s book. During this time I began learning from a spiritual teacher who often referred to sexuality as a gateway to consciousness. My teacher also said many time that men were often making love in the same way that they sneeze, as a release of energy. He stated that lovemaking was a communion with your partner and the whole cosmos. He said that women were able to have multiple orgasms if they were not repressed psychologically, and if their partner could prolong ejaculation.

I had already started practicing meditation, and these statement rang a bell in me; they were very close to what I had read years before in Wilhelm Reich’s book. I began to ask several woman friends of their personal experiences to know if they had multiple orgasms; non of them did. I continued to follow my teacher’s advice regarding therapies, active meditations, breathing exercises, and dance. Many of these activities were incorporated into two methods. These methods began to clear and open the energetic channels in my body. This allowed the energy to move freely throughout my body and to stimulate the major centers of the body. My sexual enjoyment improved, I forgot about it, and concentrated the next few years on my spiritual search. I practiced thoughts, and find out who I was.

My neurosis was fading away with the work I was doing and I became more relaxed, enjoyed dancing a lot, and the spontaneity of childhood came back. At this time my teacher dies and I heard of another realized man, a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharishi, living in the north of India. At the first opportunity.

On my second day of being in his presence my mind blew up completely, a current of energy started vibrating at the base of my spine, then rose up along my back. An immense joy and laughter took hold of me-so much laughter! At the same time my mind was empty. It was funny because there was so much laughter, but i was not the one controlling the laughing. I was only witnessing the laughter. I found out after some time of staying near this man that I had been in touch with my own self.

After this experience I began to feel my body differently. I became even more receptive to other people. Sometime I would feel a very strong sexual attraction in the presence of a male friend of mine. It was amazing to feel such a powerful energy, especially because we were just friends. Previously, while participating in a therapy group on death, I had left this same kind of intense energy with my boy friend of the time. It was as if our outer bodies were making love when we were close to each other, without even touching. At the time of that therapeutic, It took this experience to be just part of the therapeutic process, never realizing that it could be our natural state. Especially that the experience ended after the group of finished. However, I now began to experience this again and I was not in any kind of therapy situation. I was simply sitting in the presence of a Self-realized man. Through sitting with him I came into contact with my own inner source.

When I met my current companion I realized that my sexual had been completely transformed. Orgasm was no longer a release of energy; on the contrary, it became an opening to more and more energy, pleasure, and orgasms. Orgasms became multiple and lovemaking became an endless delight. Without ant effort, or special position, or any mental stimulation, sex became an endless pressure. During lovemaking the orgasms are rising on their own, one after other, and in between are spaces of deep pleasure. The more I have orgasms, the deeper and more intense they became, and the more ecstatic I become. I come out of lovemaking with a deep well-being, gratitude, and profound relaxation.

My companion master his sexual energy and knows how to prolong pleasure without ejaculating too quickly. When we make love for periods of time, an hour or more, it allow my body to becomes so sensitive that each cell becomes orgasmic-there is no more separation within my own body-nor with my companion. The more I am aroused during intercourse, the stronger the orgasms are, they start as waves rising and falling within my vagina and spread through my whole body. It is very different than a clitoris orgasm. Generally when the clitoris is stimulated to orgasm, the pleasure ends with that climax, preventing a vaginal orgasm from occurring. However, if the clitoris is stimulated not to orgasm, the pleasure becomes more intense and profound during lovemaking leading to multiple vaginal orgasm.

We very often reach this state of total ecstasy when we make love with a peaceful mind. It is true that if we are worried, we don’t reach a profound quality of union. And if we are anxious we can’t even make love, as we are not in the mood. The quality of the mind is the most important. The more peaceful the mind, the better quality sex. My spiritual search has been the best help tp develop a peaceful mind. What began as a search for orgasm became an inner spiritual union with my own self.

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