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11.3 Kapha Healing Treatments

Kapha is best treated after both vata and pitta. General cleansing should be done in any case as it unblock the congestion association with kapha conditions. Physical kapha conditions relate to cold, congested pranic conditions, as one may guess.

For high kapha in the stomach area-its home-hot, cleaning prana should be projected. It is best in all the humors and in all kind of pranic treatment, to follow the same of route it is also easier and more efficient to aid the body in its natural routs than to try and force some concept on it.

Kapha will be easier to bring out through the digestive tract if it is accumulated in the stomach, or up through the mouth if it is located in the lungs. As kapha is usually associated with excess of some kind, it will have to leave the body through some route. It is unlikely that a pranic treatment would cause a person to vomit kapha excess this would demonstrate an improper approach from the therapies-even through it is possible to stimulate Udana Prana to cause such an action. However, it is normal for the patient to cough up or defecate kaphagenic mucus after pranic treatment.

Treatment for the congestion of the stomach area should be performed after general cleansing and treatment of both vata and pitta. Start by local cleaning of the stomach area, then energize the stomach with hot prana for five to seven breathing cycle. Now move the hand down from the stomach area slowly all the while giving prana following the natural course of the intestinal, the etheric colon, and out . This will aid the natural movement of digestion, which will usually be sluggish because of the high kapha. For the accompanying constipation, use the treatment given in the section on vata.

See figure F022 - Treating Apana Prana for Constipation

Kapha congestion in the lungs can be treated with hot prana and local cleansing. Local cleansing should be performed several time to break up the pranic congestion in the lungs, and the the hot prana is projection. The quality of movement should be projected at the same time from the base of the lungs upward to the throat for five breathing cycles. Charge the throat for three breathing cycles and cleanse locally. Avoid the head area; do not bring congested prana into the head area. Bringing into the throat is natural function, as that is what the body will do sooner or later. Bringing it the head can cause headaches and other secondary problem, so it should be avoided.

Kapha is best controlled by cleansing and energizing the pitta-related centers of the solar plexus and the navel. This will activate the prana that will stimulate the action of the pitta and humors. The Vyana Prana plays an important role in kapha accumulation. As it is the binding prana located in the heart, it has a special relationship to kapha. Care should be given to cleanse and stimulate the heart area whenever working on kapha related problems.

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