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11.2 Pitta Pranic Healing Treatments

Pitta is best controlled after harmonizing the pranas through general cleansing. Work first on vata as it is more effective because it controls pitta. By following the above guidelines for vata, and then moving to the site of pitta, you can achieve a more compressive treatment.

Pitta rests in the small intestine, and when it is gravitate it can move either up or down to disturb kapha or vata. This movement is actually accomplished by the Samana Prana that becomes aggravated. It aggravated. It aggravates the vata humor, causing the motion necessary to push pitta out of its home. Control of the Samana Prana, the equalizing prana, is the key to harmonizing the pitta humor.

After treating vata, address the navel center, the site of Samana Prana. First, cleanse locally and then re-enerfize with fresh prana for three to five breathing cycles . If you project lunar (or cooling) prana the samana will be pacified quicker. The emphasis is on cleaning. Pitta is hot; when aggravated this heat manifests as pranic congestion. Cooling, or lunar, this is very effective in breaking up pitta congestions. Lunar prana is best collected and projected by visualizing cool, cold prana entering and leaving during the inhalation and exhalation of the breathing cycle.

See figure F021 - Inhaling Lunar Prana and projecting Lunar Prana

For pitta-type fevers and infection, cleansing is the primary from of treatment in conjunction with projecting cool prana. General cleansing can lower a fever several degrees immediately. General cleansing should not be done more than three to four time or the patient could lose too much prana. Cooling prana should be projected after general cleansing. This is most effective if it is projected into the solar plexus area for three cycle, then to the navel area for four cycles. Cleanse locally and repeat again. This will help to balance the metabolism, lower heat, harmonize pitta, and bring the equalizing prana (Samana ) into action. Now cooling bitter anti-pitta herbs can be administered with greater effect.

Foe localized pitta infection, local cleansing can be given along with cooling prana is projected to offset the high heat of pitta. Normally, projecting abundant amounts of cool prana will help accelerate the healing of infection. The emphasis is more on energizing with cool prana than on cleansing, although cleansing is also needed.

In case of pitta diarrhea, cooling prana in conjunction with inhibiting qualities should be given. This is accomplished by first cleansing locally the small intestines, the navel, and the public areas. Energizing can now proceed as per the methods given for constipation in the vata section. In addition one should visualize the binding qualities of Vyana Prana, the prana that holds everything together. Just visualiz the beam of the prana binding instead of moving. Diarrhea is another from of constipation, and shows an imblances of Samana and Apana Prana.

In case of low pitta, or of low agni, prana healing can be very helpful. With low agni ( the ability to digest) it is best to work directly on the solar plexus area. As in all cases, general cleansing helps as a primary step. After that, the solar plexus can be cleansed and charged with hot prana. Hot heating, or solar prana is collected and projected by using visualization. The best method for visualizing is to actually “feel” the desired quality versus just “thinking” about it. If one only “thinks” about the visualization it is 75 percent less effective unless one has dome special study to develop this skill.

Likewise, low pitta can be raised by projecting hot prana into both the navel and solar plexus areas. Start by cleaning the solar plexus and then energizing it with hot prana for three to five cycle. Next, move to the cycles. Repeat the treatment to both areas twice.

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