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10.3.1 Dhatus: Tissue Levels

Ayurveda has a very specific view of the interrelationship between each level of your body. In Ayurveda each level of the body nourishes the next level. If the preceding level is not in the best of health, then the following level will also be affected to some degree. The degree that it is affected depends on how long and how polluted the preceding level is.
These levels are called dhatus, or tissue level. For a Westerner it is simpler to just perceive them as layers of the body, each giving nourishment and life to the next. In each level the basic ingredients consumed by the body - food and drink - become more and more refined. They also become more atomic or potent. The ultimate potency in the human body is the ability to create life. Thus the reproductive fluids are considered to be the highest, most refined, product of the body. The seven main levels are included with their sub-levels as follows:

Plasma and lymph fluids (1)
----- Mammary glands and fluids
----- Menstrual flow

Red blood cells (2)
----- Blood vessels
----- Muscle tendons

Muscles (3)
----- Skin

Fat and connective tissues (4)
----- Fatty tissue under skin

Bones (5)
----- Teeth

Marrow and nerve (6)
----- Hair on the head

Reproductive fluids (7)
----- Ojas

Not only does each level nourish the next level and its sub-levels, it also has a specific waste product. The secondary levels and waste products are important for beauty because they manifest as hair, nails and body odor. It is difficult to feel beautiful or handsome if your breath smells like a dragon. Wastes from the body are listed below:

(1) Mucous

(2) Digestive bile

(3) Ear Wax, sinus mucous

(4) Sweat

(5) Nails, body hair

(6) Tears

(7) None
A healthy body level produces a healthy “waste”. With this information you can look at the parts of your body that are not as healthy or radiant as you would like. For example, if I have a strong body odor-ode de dragon - I would look at the first four levels of the body. Even though sweat is the result of th fourth level, the other three are involved in its overall health. Just applying deodorant - ode de knight - will actually increase the problem while masking it. Deodorants seal the skin, which prevents the natural breathing needed to maintain health. If there is a strong odor, it is due to toxins in the level of the fatty tissues.

Bad breath comes from improper digestion and excessive bile production - level two. The health of your hair is related to the bone marrow and nervous system. If these two are in good condition, then strong healthy hair results. This information must be applied according to your individual constitution. Vata people will more often have dry and brittle hair because those are traits of the vata humor. Use the information relative to your body, and don’t try to become another constitution.

Comparison to other is self-destructive. We are taught to compare ourselves with others from birth, and brainwashed to believe it is a factor in beauty, society and self-worth. Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole science of Ayurveda is based on recognizing people as individuals and developing therapies according to that understanding. Comparing places limits on your natural beauty and destroys self-love. Natural beauty shines for no reason.

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