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10.2.1 Merits of Ayurvedic Approach to Weight Loss

Recent studies performed in India give clear examples of this knowledge. A randomized double-blind, place bo-controlled clinical trial was performed by doctors from two different medical schools and the obesity clinic in the Nanal Hospital, Pune, India.
In this study, seventy subjects were randomly divided into four groups. Three of the groups received Ayurvedic compounds and one group received a placebo. All subjects were at least 20 percent over their normal body weight and had no endocrinal disorders or diabetes. All subjects were in good health other than being obese. DIETARY INTAKE WAS NOT CONTROLLED. The treatment and study lasted for three months. Patients were examined every two weeks, during which time both subjective finds and actual body measurement were noted.

On completion of the study a significant weight loss was noted in all the groups treated by Ayurvedic compounds as opposed to the placebo group. There was a remarkable reduction in serum cholestrol and triglyeride levels in patients that received compounds. The common drug used was Triphala Guggulu (see chapter 8). Triphala is a combination of three fruits and Guggulu is the gum of a tree related to the myrrh family.

Triphala was strong purifying and antioxidant qualities as well as reducing the overall water content in the body tissues. Guggulu is known in Ayurveda to balance the whole metabolism and to increase the heat associated with tejas or the metabolic fire that digests the food. Guggulu has a harmonizing effect on the body for it works through the metabolism.

Just think what kind of results could be achieved with a treatment of combined therapies. In Ayurveda such a combined treatment would entail detoxification, herbs to increase the digestive fire, a satvic vegetarian diet according to your constitution daily exercise according to your constitution, massage, and triphala guggulu.

These methods are available to everyone today without undue cost or special equipment. High doses of determination, prana and self-love are recommended in conjunction with triphala guggulu. This compound is becoming more easily available as are other Ayurvedic herbs and formulas. Many Ayurvedic herbs are available by mail order if they are not available in your local heath food store. Look at chapter 14 to see how to increase the digestive fire or tejas.

Remember, Ayurveda does not support drastic methods that shock your body and metabolism. The best way is to slowly work toward an achievable goal. When this is achieved, another one can be set; in this way one gradually achieves the desired result. As obesity or overweight problems tend to plague kapha types, this slow but sure method matches the kapha mental constitution.

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