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10.1.3 Good Digestion Increases Beauty

The next factor affecting beauty is our ability to digest the food we eat. This has been discussed in other chapters, but it is worthy mentioning again because it is really a important factor as far as physical looks are concerned. The digestive ability is the ability to transform our food into energy and the means by which we eliminate toxins from the body, thus preventing their accumulation. Once the digestive fire falls low the toxins - in the form of undigested food - accumulate and pollute the body. Our skin quality, hair, and vitality all suffer from this pollution of the digestive tract. Toxins age our body much faster. Therefore, by not allowing them to collect, we live longer.
Detoxification for beauty

Detoxification methods should be undertaken along with therapies that increase the digestive fire. These are basic steps to increase, maintain, or recover our natural beauty. To clean the body out occasionally is just common sense. If you have any doubt in this regard just open up the drain in your kitchen sink. See what happens to the food that slowly builds up in the drain. If you are, say 30, look for a thirty-years-old sink drain and open it up. Remember, this is the same food and drink that you put through your digestive system. Periodic cleansing of the intestines increases your life span and enhances your beauty.

It is a well known fact in many cultures throughout the world that eating light meals twice a day increases the life span considerably. This causes less wear and tear on the intestinal tract. By eating less we are much less likely to accumulate the same amount of toxins that occur when large meals are taken too soon after the previous one, thus, not giving a sufficient amount of time for the full digestive process to take place.

Fasting for beauty

Fasting can be useful to clean the body. However, I find that most Westerners are not comfortable with this method. Wither they uninterested or they overdo it. Fasting is useful, but care should be taken to determine your constitution before considering a fast. Vata people are the least suited for fasting. They should generally not fast or should do so only under the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner. Pitta people can fast for short periods, one or two days. Kapha persons can fast for longer periods of time, three to four days. Fasting is best done for one day one to four times per month. This is preferable rather than drastic cleansing fasts which drain the body’s vitality - prana and stored nutrients - and generally shock the metabolism. If this kind of cleansing fast is appealing to you then it is best to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to get advice on how to minimize the shock that occurs to the body. Ayurveda has been using fasting therapies for thousands of years and the results are well-documented for each constitution. If someone is advising you to fast without considering your constitution, then you are most likely damaging your body.

Fasting and overweight

Care should be taken by heavy or overweight people in regard to fasting. There is an interesting psycho physiological mechanism that comes into play during fasting. When a person deprives the body of food, it reacts by triggering survival instincts, which basically manifest as more hunger. The body is then getting conflicting signals from the brain and from the survival mechanism. When fasting is done for a dy, this conflict is negligible. However, after two or three days the conflict will often cancel out any benefits that may have been gained. This is because the body thinks it is being starved - which it is - and so when food is consumed again, the body will try to take double the needed quantity of food in order to recover what it feels it “lost”. This results in a no-win situation; it in fact, aggravated the problem. These types of occurrences can be avoided by consulting and working closely with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

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